Convert Cash

Convert your Cash into OX88 Credits.

Convert your RM into OX88 Bonus! Deposit RM1 get RM1 Bonus based on your OX88’s Cash.

RM function are temporary disable due to instability and bugs until further notice. Balance you currently have will not be affected.

  1. Your balance will be used as Bonus on your next deposit in OX88 upon request.
  2. The Bonus rate should be equal to your deposit. Each RM1 Deposit = RM1 Claim.
  3. Submit this form once you have deposit in OX88 with your deposit proof. The bonus will be given equal/lesser based on your deposit amount
  4. Bonus will be given within 1 working day.

Sample 1 (When you have equal balance or more balance)

Your OX88movie balance = RM150

You deposit RM100 in OX88

You get RM100 as bonus, RM50 remains in your OX88movie balance.

Sample 2 (When you have lesser balance than Deposit)

Your OX88movie balance = RM50

You Deposit RM 100 in OX88

You get RM50 as bonus only.

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