Convert RM

Page is now available, however changes might apply. Any claim made before 29th July will still qualify.

Convert your RM into OX88 Credits.

Deposit RM1 get RM1 Bonus  (based on your OX88movie’s RM)


  1. Make a fix amount of deposit in our official site
  2. Fill up form below and select your RM Package
  3. (Optional) Share any OX88movie page in Facebook & Screenshot to get x5 lesser turnover
Current Balance :

You can only claim ONCE per month.

Upload your Deposit Statement from OX88

  1. The deposit must be within 7 days upon claiming here.
  2. (First time only) Player are required to perform KYC Check using IC. Admins will guide you thru KYC check upon your first claim.
  3. Each RM1 Deposit = RM1 Claim. To claim your RM, member has to make the same or lower amount available in the form.
  4. Submit form with screenshot when your deposit in OX88 has approved. The bonus will be given based on your deposit amount or choice.
  5. Bonus are subjected to minimum x20 Turnover up to x35 based on your amount claimed.
  6. Every Member are subjected to 30 days period in between claim.
  7. Members can reduce x5 turnover by submitting screenshot of Facebook share of OX88movie. You can share any movies/page in OX88movie you like.

Example 1 (When you have equal balance or more balance)

Your OX88movie balance = RM150

You deposit RM100 in OX88

You get RM100 as bonus, RM50 remains in your OX88movie balance.

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