Night of the Sicario (5.7)

  Taylor is forced to hide the young daughter of a woman in witness protection who will be testifying against a powerful Colombian drug cartel in Federal Court, as two ruthless sicarios aim to hunt them down.

Seobok (6.5)

濒临死亡的前情报局特工闵基宪(孔刘 饰),偶然遇见拥有人类不死秘密的「永生人」徐福(朴宝剑 饰),闵基宪的最后一场任务是誓死守护徐福到安全之地,途中想占有永生人的庞大财团与各方恶势力展开大规模猎杀,让他们的逃亡过程卷入惊天动地的危险局面….

Why Did You Kill Me? (5.7)

  The line between justice and revenge blurs when a devastated family uses social media to track down the people who killed 24-year-old Crystal Theobald.

Thunder Force (6.7)

  本片讲述在一个充满超级反派的世界里,Emily Stanton(Octavia Spencer饰演)意外令前闺蜜Lydia(Melissa McCarthy饰演)拥有了超能力,而两位女主得联手组成「雷霆女神」,对付反派「The King」并保护芝加哥。

Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar (6.5)


400 Bullets (6.8)

  400 BULLETS is an edge-of-your-seat Military Action story about what it means to fight for honor instead of profit. The film packs gun battles, epic hand-to-hand fight sequences and witty dialogue into its 90 minute run time.
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